8 fascinating experiences in the Highlands Center of Vietnam

8 fascinating experiences in the Highlands Center of Vietnam

In late March 2016, Us 4 charming ladies from Indochina Explore Tours had a week off to discover the prosperous Highland region. There are many interesting things that amazed us. Our experience for everyone who have chance to visit this land is not to miss the Indochina Fork, starry nights in Mang Den or gong traditional show…Neu Highlands do not forget to conquer Indochina fork in Mang Den stargazing night or watch performances of gongs. The highland plateau treated us with so many unexpected magic moments that we would never forget. Here below are top 8 lists that made our journey more interesting and memorable.

“Visit “Pleiku Eyes”

Bien Ho (T’Nung Lake) is one of the most romantic natural lakes in Central highland. This lake was formed by a volcanic crater and it is very broad, 230 ha. Bien Ho is considered as “Pleiku Eyes” as it shapes like the two eyes on a face. There is a natural dirt road divides the lake into two equal parts and it is like a nose on the face. Standing on the shore or at the end of the road (the forehead), you will have a panoramic view of the whole lake with its crystal blue water and the far away green Pine Hills. It is very cool with fresh air and fondling winds blowing from the lake and the forest. Cycling over the hills through the pine forest is one of high recommended activities to experience everything of “Pleiku Eyes”.

Gongs music performance

Space of Gong Culture is a diversified intangible cultural heritage of the Central Highland’s hill tribes. Gongs are musical instruments made from an alloy of bronze and either gold, silver. They are widely used in all festivals from the ear blowing ceremony for newborns to mass grave leaving ritual ceremony, gutters worshiping, new rice festival, warehouse closing festival, buffalo sacrifice…to connect people in the community.

Enjoy Coffee in the head quarter of coffee

Buon Ma Thuot has long been regarded as the capital of Vietnamese coffee. You will not only have chance to see coffee plantations, you will also have chance to taste the best coffee possible. Drinking a cup of coffee in the village of Trung Nguyen in a rainy afternoon, it could be the most memorable cup of coffee you will ever enjoy.

Star Gazing in Mang Den

Mang Den is located at an altitude of 1.200m above sea level. Belong to Kon Plong, Kon Tum province, it is considered as the centre divider between the West and the East parts of Truong Son mountain range. The climate here is cool all year round and its temperature is normally below 22 degree Celsius.

Mang Den has a vast primary forest which is located along highway 24 with ancient pine trees. In addition, it also has many pretty lakes, streams, waterfalls and beautiful landscape. Especially, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful places to watch the stars in Vietnam. If you come here during dry and clear sky day, choose for yourself a lawn or airy balcony to sink into romantic moments of a starry night.

Conquering Indochina Fork

Overview Indochina Fork

Bo Y border gate, where a rooster sings along, all three countries can hear is one place should not be missed if you have the opportunity to visit Central Highland. This junction is the border between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and it is an important milestone territory of the countries. In order to reach this place, there are many ways. If you are from the North, there are flights to Buon Ma Thuot (Daklak) or Pleiku (Gia Lai) and to access to Ngoc Hoi from these towns, you can take a bus with about 3 hour ride. Besides, if you are from the South, there are many bus lines from HCMC, or other provinces along National road 1 such as Quang Binh, Quang Ngai…to Kon Tum.

After visiting the Bo Y international border gate, you will ride another 10km and climb some steps to reach the milestone made of granite then you’ve set foot in Indochina fork. Milestone is located on a mountain with an elevation of over 1,000 meters above sea level.

Visit Dray Sap waterfall.

Dray Sap, also known as Chong waterfall, is 500m wide, 20m high and divided into 3 parts: upper, middle and lower. In rainy season, the water current flows hard down to the waterfall creates fog and white water foam and that’s reason why E- De people call it as smoke waterfall.

The waterfall is located in an area with many caves, vines, big trees, and complicated terrain and this make it huge and one of famous scenic spots of Vietnam.

Central Highland Flower seasons.

Coffee flowers

December is an ideal time to travel to Central Highlands as there are many festivals taking place and it is also the season of wild sunflowers.

In early January, all of the region change it appearance because of rubber tree leaves. All rubber trees will be deciduous and wash all green color away. Watching the scene with empty rows of rubber trees, you’ll find Highland in strange look.

In March, coffee flowers begin blooming whitely all over the coffee plantation. It looks so fresh and fragile. Each plantation usually blooms 2- 3 slices until the end of Spring

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