Burma Weather August

Burma weather & when to go: August

Burma Weather August
No change from July, although rainfall will start to lessen towards the end of the month. Despite this, wherever you travel in Myanmar you should expect heavy rains.

Temperatures remain high (averaging highs of 27 – 30°C) and the beaches on the west and southern coast are now closed with road travel across much of the country difficult, in many cases impossible.

Can you still travel in Myanmar in August – yes, just about. Are there better months to visit? Without question!

Taungbyone Nat Festival

31July – 7th August 2017: 20km north of Mandalay – Most impressive nat festival in the country and a Myanmar family event, despite being very crowded and boisterous. Attracts thousands of nat kadaws (spiritualmediums), many of whom are gay or transgender. Orchestras playing, drinking, dancing and revelry throughout the day and night.