Festival in Tra Qua Vegetable Village

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Festival in Tra Qua Vegetable Village

Festival in Tra Qua Vegetable Village

Cau Bong (wish for good harvest) is an annual festival in Tra Que village, held on the 7th day of the 1st lunar month. This festival has been kept and passed from generations to generations. In addition to the purpose of worshiping the God of Harvest, Cau Bong festival is the occasion for villagers to show respect to the ancestors and pray for abundant crops, happiness and prosperity.

In the morning, villagers wake up early and prepare offerings for the ceremony. The offerings include a tray of pink sticky rice, a cooked cock, incense, flowers, rice wine, and votive. The tray of pink rice symbolizes luck, unity and good crop. During the festival, the village headmen represent all the villagers to hold the god-honor procession and pray for the village’s prosperity.

Festival-goers then have a chance to experience a day of living and working with the locals in Tra Que village, in which they can try hands-on the actual farming activities such as plugging the land, making beds, planting seedling and watering them like “real farmers”. Many interesting contests like making “Tam Huu” – a specialty of Tra Que village, picking seaweed – organic fertilizer for vegetable and rowing basket boat on Co Co river also attract participation of locals and tourists.

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