Myanmar Weather October

Myanmar weather & when to go: October

Myanmar Weather October
With the levels of rainfall now more manageable, Myanmar once again opens its doors to travellers. Despite the coolest months of the year being just around the corner, temperatures throughout the month are likely to remain in the high 20s and even early 30s°C.

The central plains to the south of Mandalay are once again the hottest and driest region of the country, with temperatures in the low 30s°C and minimal rainfall.

The beach resorts start to open again, but you should expect an erratic service for the opening week, as new staff find their feet and work continues to repair any damage suffered during the monsoon.

October is very much mid-season, and can be a very good time to visit Myanmar with a high chance of good weather and relatively low tourist numbers

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival

Set on Inle Lake and one of the most fun festivals of the calendar. Includes ‘leg-rowing’ boat racing on 9th & 11th Oct.

Dancing Elephant Festival Kyaukse

Another animal focused festival that we rather like is the Dancing Elephant Festival held in Kyaukse, south of Mandalay. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve any real dancing elephants; the locals construct and decorate life-sized bamboo elephants which dance enthusiastically through town (with a little help from the two men inside), to be judged by a group of town elders. The best dressed / danced elephant wins a cash prize. Why elephants? Back in the 11th century, the King let his royal elephants choose the auspicious location in which to enshrine the Buddha’s tooth relic; they stopped at Thar Lyaung Mountain near Kyaukse, and the festival is held here in their honour, every October, at the end of the rainy season.